"The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it"...Ethan Allen

"We in this room are all men who believe that actions speak louder then words. If I can impart anything from my life as a soldier it is this: There are only two types of warrior in this world. Those that serve tyrants and those that serve free men. I have chosen to serve free men, and if we as warriors serve free men, we must love freedom more than we love our own lives. It is a simple philosophy but one that has served me well in life."

--SFC Stefan Mazak, KIA 18 April 1968, Long Khanh Province, RSV

16 November 2011

Welcome to non sibi sed patriae

Hello all patriots and those who wish to act like one.

This blog is live as of 16 Nov 2011, 2300 hrs. as a place to accumulate and pass on knowledge practical and indispensable to operating in politically, socially, and environmentally hostile surroundings, be it urban, rural or wilderness.

The information contained within will run the gamut of skill sets and equipment. It will be presented via essay, audio, video, or Morse code if that is what it takes. The finest sources will be used to deliver critical knowledge to aid in your ability to survive and thrive in adverse conditions.

While this is not a political site, politics will filter through. Deal with it.

For the lawyers, I add that you use this knowledge at your own risk, and if you are a fucking idiot all of Darwin's rules apply. May God have mercy on your soul.

Ruck up. There is heavy lifting to do.

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)


cookboy said...

I look forward to watching the site grow. Thanks for the work.

Brock Townsend said...

I thought of this old one.

Repost: How To Defend A City From Invasion Using Civilian Snipers

ParaPacem said...

Good work- until I saw your post thanking Mikey, had no idea that Toaster was behind this blog. Great idea, great layout. All the best to you & yours -
J ( Parapacem, et al )