"The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it"...Ethan Allen

"We in this room are all men who believe that actions speak louder then words. If I can impart anything from my life as a soldier it is this: There are only two types of warrior in this world. Those that serve tyrants and those that serve free men. I have chosen to serve free men, and if we as warriors serve free men, we must love freedom more than we love our own lives. It is a simple philosophy but one that has served me well in life."

--SFC Stefan Mazak, KIA 18 April 1968, Long Khanh Province, RSV

19 July 2012

The rules of the game.

Make sure you know the rules of the game before you play.

There is nothing worse than learning the rules of a game as you play.

No quicker way to to get cleaned out before the stakes in the game get to be worth it. UNDERSTAND THE CAPABILITY. Respect it and plan for it. The old saying still applies: Fail to plan plan to fail. Or in this case fail to plan plan to die.

Rule One. Play to win.

Rule Two. See Rule One.

Rule Three. Change happens. Semper Gumby.

Improvise. Adapt and Overcome. Self Reliance and Teamwork. It's going to take it all to play and win.

Download Guerrilla Air Defense: Antiaircraft Weapons And Techniques For Guerrilla Forces by James D. Crabtree

Hat tip to Lizard Farmer for the AA link.

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

15 May 2012

The stomach churning reality YOU face...

Lesson ONE

Via Resistor in the Rockies

From shtfplan.com

Posted Verbatim

"I have become personally so disenchanted with the way people fail to prep. People still don’t understand how important it is to put away. I have gotten into arguments over this and had cretins call me a fool because I put away food, water, and supplies. I thought about this and the frustration that other preppers have with this laid back idiotic attitude that there is no need for preparation. There are good people that just can’t/won’t start preparing. They have the money to do so, but just don’t want to. Many have only seen what happens to non-preppers on TV, but it still doesn’t make an impact.

In this article I detail some hard core realities to show just how awful it will be for those that don’t prep. Every one of these scenarios is something that has occurred to the non-prepper throughout history. While strong images come to mind, the purpose is to jar some people out of their inaction and into action before it is too late.

Preppers are good people and care much about those around them, and unless something does jar those around them that choose not to prep, their own survival chances could be reduced. For every bit of food, water, ammunition, or supplies you sacrifice to the non-prepper, the fewer irreplaceable supplies are left for you and your family in a crisis situation. It is hoped that the following can help certain people put into TRUE perspective just how horrific it will be for those that don’t prepare.

Here are the awful consequences for those refusing to prep.

As the world continues to decay at multiple facets, the common person has and continues to be lulled into a sense that everything is improving and will continue to for the distant future. After all, to them unemployment has peaked out and will drop until everyone that wants to work will easily be able to find good paying work, North Korea is no threat because all their long range “bottle rockets” fizz out, sanctions will eventually make Iran give up their nuclear program, oil prices will start going down after June or so, Europe will bail out Greece and Spain and everyone else, and U.S. debt will eventually come under control.

After 2012 everyone that has prepared themselves will go back to more “sensible” lives. “Good times are coming”, baseball season is here, let’s get back to watching some more crackerjack news.

It is amazing how people become good conversationalists with most others discussing all the gossip related news, while becoming mentally tranquilized into a totally deceptive state of denial of truly dangerous issues of the times. It’s the blind leading the blind… right off the cliff.

Rather than dealing with harsh reality, people surround themsleves with easy to digest material that can be talked about without directly influencing anyone’s lives. Meaningless chatter. Even for those unwilling to even think to prepare for a societal catastrophic event, there is also no desire to even face the extreme possibility of a sudden loss of one’s employment. A personal SHTF.

Look at some of the terrible personal pain experienced in America right now – and it hasn’t even hit the fan on a grand scale. Those people who have lived it up on credit, who failed to put much of anything away for a rainy day, who’ve lost their job, and who eventually lost their unemployment benefits are experiencing the first level of collapse. This is happening to millions of people in our own country, all around us, as we speak.

These Americans, who once enjoyed the luxuries that modern living had to offer, are now at their wits end, with very little hope for a return to their previous lives. They are no longer able to pay most or any of their bills. Many have to humiliatingly turn to others for help to pay for food, or worse, to obtain old, unhealthy and poor tasting food from locally funded food banks. Their credit cards are totally worthless. Many have been evicted from their homes and have uprooted their families to live either on the street, in tent cities, with relatives, or have been forced to live at homeless shelters, They’ve have had their vehicles repossessed, or simply can’t afford the gasoline anymore. Their living conditions often make it difficult, if not impossible, to look presentable for job interviews. For many, the life of stability they knew just a short while ago is gone, replaced with fear and a constant stress to the point of nervous breakdown.

A personal economic meltdown is confined to the individual or family, or at worst a few families. The human civilization remains intact and so do society’s safety nets.

With food assistance, rental assistance, homesless shelters, and family to turn to, even the most destitute are almost always able to find some sort of help – however menial.

It is no wonder with these known assistance programs, then, that people have forgotten or never thought to consider what happens IF and WHEN human civilization goes through a strong enough SHTF event. If that happens on a mass scale what happens to everyone that needs help that has not prepared ahead of time? What happens when governments are in such total disarray or destroyed altogether that they can’t help even if they wanted to?

The media and others have portrayed the good people that sacrifice much if not all “luxuries” of life to prepare themselves and their family and friends for extreme times, as chicken littles. Those who have made the choice to store up emergency food, water, and other necessities to avoid extreme life threatening risks, including suffering horribly during and after a widespread SHTF event, are laughed at and ridiculed often for “wasting” their lives on delusional paranoia.

But who is delusional? Those who see the signs around them and understand how vulnerable the system is, or those who believe that things never change, that politicians have their best interests at heart, and that if the worst happens the government will be there to provide everything they may need?

How many have considered the dire consequences of their failure to prepare in the event that the infrastructure and everything a country’s people depend on totally collapses?

The misery from long term unemployment and lack of money is like a walk in the park compared to the severe anguish and dangerous conditions that await those who have failed to prepare for the aftermath of a large scale cataclysm. The “minor” problems of unemployment that seem extremely major and painful to most today should serve as a wake up call to what life will be like when something much, much worse happens – when those proverbial safety nets are no longer there to catch us.

Many preppers have become deeply frustrated at those around them, especially those that truly mean something to them, because they simply refuse to put away anything at all for emergencies. The prepper is usually a person that cares a lot and it is often difficult for them to take a tough stance towards the people that they care about. However, unless someone changes the habits of those people that fail to get ready, decisions will need to be made, and they won’t be easy.

The choice of what the prepared prepper should do will boil down to either either adding these people to their own circle or survival group and reduce the group’s safety, supplies and self sufficiency, OR, they will have to let the non-prepper fend for themselves. This is a very personal choice, and each of us will need to decide based on our own morals, ethics and personal relationships.

As a last ditch effort, discussing the following scenarios with the non-prepper may help them understand what life will be like without what has sustained them so comfortably for so long.

This is the hard reality the non prepper needs to understand:

Without power the water company cannot get water to their faucets. Without water dehydration occurs within 24 hours. Dehydration causes much suffering before death.
Toilets in homes, unless they have an incineration toilet that still need power to work, don’t flush without water. Where will they go to the bathroom and then where will they dispose of human waste?
There will be no clean water available anywhere, especially in major cities, and they cannot live more than about three days without it.
Drinking dirty and polluted water will make them incredibly sick and accelerate the dehydration process.
Polluted water must be purified and that means having a good filter, bleach or other disinfectant, or fuel and something to boil water with.
Understand just how fragile the power and the infrastructure is that pumps water to the public. A breakdown in our power infrastructure or a cyber attack against utility systems will render them useless.
A single event can rapidly lead to a cascade of other events that would certainly collapse almost, if not, everything. This is why major snow storms, hurricanes or solar events in the past have affected millions of people in an entire region all at once.
A single, seemingly unimportant event may become quite terrible as its repercussions spread; this can include a far and away disaster.
Understand that the economies of the world are so interwoven that when one major economy falls it affects everyone.
Not having any food in the house means that if the stores are emptied suddenly in a bad enough situation that there will be no food available for a long period of time afterward. Recent history during disasters around the world has shown that stores can literally be emptied in minutes.
Think about how totally horrible the feeling of being very hungry is and what circumstances would cause one to be desperate enough to eat anything.
ALL stores can be closed instantly under martial law.
Understand that you may not be able to purchase anything after it starts, especially with any credit cards.
Understand the complexity of food and water distribution; breaks in these chains can stop anything from getting to the people.
What life will be like if no toilet paper is stored?
Understand that without light sources, the night will be pitch black, often with zero visibility.
There will be no communications, other than probably martial law type of instructions over the radio, that is if they have batteries for the radio.
Other than ham and shortwave radio, any information that is available will be sent out by the government as filtered propaganda that “they” want everyone to hear.
Without power consider what it will be like to not have any heat to stay warm, or air conditioned air to stay cooler – with no way of alleviating the situation.
Travelling will likely be by foot or bicycle, as their will be no fuel and roadways may be blocked.
Realize that ANY travel outside of the home or neighborhood will be extremely dangerous as ANYONE who moves becomes a target
Non preppers will be pushed way beyond their limit because of lack of supplies.
The non prepper must realize their government does not really care about them individually, that they are a mere number and help will likely not come from them.
They have to figure out somewhere to get food. This can mean wild plants which they must know how to identify as safe, or risk poisoning themselves.
They have to understand that when we refer to “having no food” it doesn’t mean not having the food they are used to enjoying, it means no food to eat at all.
They have to understand that if they are fortunate enough to have any running water, they will probably have to bathe in cold water for lack of stored fuel to heat water.
They have to realize that the very strange and totally unexpected is going to be all around them, made that much worse because of lack of any reliable self defense stores or skills.
They might have to remain on the run constantly because of looking for water and food.
They must understand that bad will be magnified magnitudes to living misery because of lack of food, water, and other necessary items that they took for granted for so long.

Okay, now comes the “truly ugly and unthinkable” life that most, if not all, people that have failed and refused to prepare themselves will deal with. Clear vivid visualization is key here for anyone that ho hums the idea of prepping.

What horrors they will likely face after a cave-in of their nation’s economy, war, geophysical upheaval, or whatever crisis is bad enough to disturb or stop their nation from working and functioning? There are plenty of very potential SHTF events that are simply awaiting a catalyst to trigger them.

The Non-Prepper (NP) has to realize right off the bat that 911 and other emergency calls in will be met with silence or some recording telling the caller not to panic.
The (NP) that has no reliable self defense that can stop an attacker, will not get help from public services, and will become a victim of rape, assault, torture, or murder.
The (NP) that has no reliable self defense and will not only be at the mercy of criminal elements, but also have to contend with many desperate animals, some with rabies.
The (NP) that has no food will either have to find food or be ready to beg for food or worse, like sacrificing their bodies or other horrible acts or things to get a bite of food.
The (NP) will have to go through the worst, most rancid conditions of garbage to just maybe find what they should have stored up.
The (NP) will go through panic and near if not total psychosis looking for any water source right before their bodies begin shutting down during advanced stages of dehydration.
The (NP) will go through unbearable trauma when their children and other people around them are crying, screaming, and suffering with intense hunger pains in their stomachs.
The (NP) will have to deal with the awful stench of rotting wastes from many sources because they have not taken the effort to even store up waste disposal plastic bags.
The (NP) will have disease and pathogens everywhere, not only because they have no trash disposal means, but because they haven’t prepared how to deal with trash and waste.
The (NP) will have to live in very primitive conditions after things around them deteriorate rapidly, because they have neglected putting away anything to make life more bearable.
The (NP) and those around them will likely develop all sorts of infective skin rashes from the lack of insight of storing up toilet paper. Imagine the smell for a moment.
The (NP) will have to handle biting insects and other vermin that will collect amoungst the filth that will pile up. No pest control stored up along with no other supplies.
The (NP) will have no way of treating sickness certain to follow a SHTF event, no first aid and likely no training or knowledge about how to treat the ill on top of this.
The (NP) will have sick and dying people around them because of not being able to treat minor injuries. Didn’t even stock up on disinfectives. Unsanitary conditions lead to infection.
The (NP) and others around them will experience much grief as they watch helplessly as their family members literally die of starvation right in front of their eyes.
The (NP) won’t believe how desperate hunger drives them and those that mean everything to them to “trying” to eat food that taste so bad it gags them and comes back up.
The (NP) will likely have family and friends around them that have also not prepared committing suicide because they can’t take it any longer.
The (NP) will witness some of those people around them lose any sense of civilized humanity in them and behave like wild animals after some time from lack of necessities.
The (NP) and family members, maybe friends also, will at some point end up barbecuing or eating raw the family dog, cat, bird, any pet dear to everyone for food.
The (NP) will likely get into physical fights with other family members over any scrap of food available as rational thoughts are lost to wanton hunger.
The (NP) as many other (NP’s) will eventually go out of any safety of their home looking for food and or water, become disorientated and lost, and die a hard death somewhere.
The (NP) that is “lucky” enough to find some government help will likely have to almost sell their soul, probably all their freedom, to get tiny rations – just enough to keep them alive.
The (NP) will see widespread violence and barbarism that will shock them to the core and will wish that they had purchased some form of firearm and stocked up on ammunition.
The (NP) better get used to attempting to explain the children and other adults why they wasted all that money on junk, and didn’t buy any emergency food and other supplies.
The (NP), no matter how positive they are will drop quickly into depression and lose willpower as having nothing to hold on to does this, along with lack of any nutrition.
The (NP) will feel the worst guilt imaginable as they hear their family moaning in anguish from lack of anything to eat, knowing they could have done something to prepare.
The (NP) will most likely not see the rebuilding and recovery after A SHTF event. They will, like almost all NP’s, be statistics. Some will die hours or a day before help arrives.
The (NP) from lack of food, drinking bad water, no light at night, the horrid smells, no good self defense, the overall horror, will often be paralyzed with fear and despair, blank stare.
The (NP) is totally helpless after SHTF, will have to rely totally on charity of those prepared to live. They will take all sorts of desperate measures likely to get them shot. They’ll attempt to eat hazardous foods like an animal trapped in a house will do, and get sick and suffer much before dying. The (NP) will likely die (ugly and hard) as they lived, unprepared for anything.

If we were to use one single word to describe the torments that someone who “chooses” not to prepare will go through after a true you know what hits the fan it would be “PREVENTABLE”.

Almost every single person, even a very poor person, has the capacity to put away emergency food and supplies. Even homeless people have stashes of something just in case things become so bad that the normal hand outs and thrown-away items dry up. Many people with good sources of income don’t even have an extra can of food or any water put away at all. This is stupidity beyond words.

Every day lightweight disasters happen in all parts of the world that disturb services enough that people are confined to their homes for a certain amount of time. While recovery is short, people are still uncomfortable during these times. Look what happens after a power outage at night and you will be mystified at how many homes are completely dark for hours. People have not even bought an extra couple of candles or any battery operated light sources. Even in well-to-do neighborhoods you may hear only a lone generator going after a blackout. This lack of preparedness is truly frightening and plays itself out again, again, and again every time services are disrupted for minor to major reasons. It’s as if there is something wrong with storing extra food, water, and supplies.

Even after “lessons” played out to what happens to those non-prepared, most people still feel that it just cannot happen to them, or won’t ever happen to them again. It should be proof enough to people what happens to those unprepared after disasters simply by looking at those that have gone through it firsthand. The difference, though, comes in that these disasters have had recovery periods and help from others. Even Haiti received some help and conditions remain putrid over there.

After a TRUE SHTF, it is presumable that government help and others coming to the aid of those in need WON’T happen for long periods of time. During that time those that have chosen to not put food, water, and necessities away are going to be in life threatening positions. Most people just don’t get that when the supermarket shelves are empty they will stay that way for an extended period. When the utilities go down, especially water, it may be weeks, months, or longer before they come back, if ever. Without what someone needs to survive each day, it is not going to magically appear, and depending on the goodwill of others to feed them and sacrifice their own family’s survival chances is a terrible choice.

People MUST know what life will be like after SHTF in mega fashion if they refuse to prepare. This is NOT new. Terrible events have plunged people into the deepest levels of desperation and hopelessness, and they will happen again and again.

While the above consequences to the non-prepper are extremely abysmal for anyone to read, the simple fact of the matter is they have already happened time and time again to those that have nothing put away. People have resorted to cannibalism and gone to levels of primitive savage behavior out of shear desperation and out of literally losing their minds to the physical depletion of food and water that keeps the physical body operating. Sometimes showing the extreme severity and results of a person’s lack of action, such as failure of the simple act of putting away extra food, water, and supplies, can be the kick in the complacency that they need.

It’s really easy to put away food and supplies. All one has to do is add a little bit of extra food to the grocery cart for long-term storage. Over time this adds up to a well stocked pantry of supplies.

There is something that is in a can of food that everyone can eat and enjoy the taste of, so talk to family members about their nutritional preferences and start stocking up. Toilet paper and other supplies that really don’t have any expiration date can be put away and forgotten about ’til needed.

There MUST be common sense and intelligence to see what happens IF they don’t stock up for the future. There has to be the DESIRE to get started, and this is the real problem with so many.

Once started, however, prepping becomes a type of life saving routine or positive lifestyle habit. It is easy and can and will save one from misery. It may save their life and the lives of their family from ruin when SHTF, which is almost inevitably going to happen someday. Every month and year that goes by without a true SHTF event, makes it more likely that it will happen. Basic statistical chance shows this to be the case, but people continue the same pattern of behavior that has led them to the same devastation countless time before.

For those preppers that have people around them that refuse to prepare, you can at least have some degree of solace knowing that you tried to show the non-prepping person(s) what not having anything will mean to them and their families.

All we can do is try. Once we’ve given it our best shot, all we can do is let those who have been warned about the direness of the possibilities live their lives the way that want to. They will, unfortunately, live in a world of regret and suffering if the nation and the world falls apart around them.

To every action there is an opposite equal reaction. Preppers will see their efforts have been more than worth it. Objects that are motionless tend to remain motionless and non-preppers will find there are horrific consequences for their lack of effort and motion to put away “life insurance” preps for themselves and their families."

(Read it again and understand)

...A medical opinion...

Lesson TWO

Again from Resistor in the Rockies

Some Things Are Worse Than Death


"As family men (and you women out there), we will do everything we can protect our spouse and kids, up to and including the laying down of our lives for them.

But, here's the question: Would you be willing to end the life of your loved ones if it meant that they would be spared the unspeakable horrors and pain that can/will be inflicted upon them if captured by soulless devils during a total societal collapse? I'm not talking about giving up without a fight, I'm looking at this as a LAST resort.

The SHTF, you've managed to survive for a month or two in your home. A large group of escaped prisoners have made their way to your street and have been systematically going house to house pillaging, raping, and murdering your surviving neighbors. They have all exits blocked and there's no way out.

After a couple days, they move on to your house. You've been fighting them off as best as you could and you're almost out of ammo. It seems like more of them keep showing up and they're determined to get into your house and getting you and your family. You've killed a bunch of them so they want payback. You're out numbered, out gunned, and out flanked when they finally manage to breach your defenses. It's only a matter of minutes before they find you and your family. You know what they'll do to your baby, your son, your daughter, your wife, your grandmother. You saw them do it to your neighbors in broad daylight in addition to torturing them in sick and depraved ways when they were done having their fun with them.

So back to the original question: Would you be willing to kill your loved ones if it meant that they would be spared the horrors you've seen them extract on your neighbors?

I'm posting pictures below of what is going on in Mexico and elsewhere around the world to get the message across. These acts of violence are unspeakable but unfortunately quite common in today's world of savagery where society is supposed to be civilized. If it's this bad now, imagine how much worse it will be like here when the SHTF?!

As you look at these, imagine them being your loved ones and ask yourself that question. Could you, would you end their life?

What would you do to keep someone you love, or yourself, from being castrated alive, then beheaded, and dismembered? In all truthfulness, they'd probably make you or your family watch. (don't watch this video below if you get queasy easily, trust me)".

(Read it all and understand)

...Beware. Reality in all of it's stomach churning horror. If this DOES NOT deliver a wakey wakey, NOTHING will.

...We are in it to win it kids. Learn it, live it, love it. Or die.

...Download Long Term Food Storage Calculator

from Food storage made easy

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

16 April 2012

AR Battle sight Zero

“The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

from Western Rifle Shooters Association

Are all your AR and other rifles zeroed for what you will be carrying?

Are you sure?

With downloadable 50-yard targets included.

From the Magpul guys...

The instruction on this platform is endless. Go and find as much as you can.

“A bullet from a gun does not make a distinction between practice and combat. You are training to be one and the same way in your life”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

The Motivation; Credible deterrence.

A Concerned American Clean Sweep. Thank you.

Download USMC Rifle Marksmanship MCRP-3-01A

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

26 February 2012

A time for choice, a time for action

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Reichsf├╝hrer-DHSS Janet Napolitano the day after the American people say "ENOUGH!".

Go Explore this site right now!

Maybe it is time to get a group of friends together, one's you have known for awhile and trusted, and talk frankly about what is going on today in America. And whether or not you and yours will stand by and allow those hell bent on your countries destruction will attempt to do so unopposed.

We the People of America ARE the militia. Those that call us terrorists do so out of their own fear and at their own peril. Why? Because THEY are the illegitimate ones. The consent of the governed is slipping away from them. The onrushing police state is the final attempt to keep the power and the stolen goods for themselves. Will you allow your children and grandchildren to bear the shame of the German nation of the past 60 years? That they got what they deserved because the German people allowed a mad man and his satanic cult to steal their nation and plunge them into a genocidal war?

Will you allow that?

Good news is that we are not the 1930's German people, disarmed and hungry for hope and change. Our founding fathers saw to that. We are soft, but we hear the echo of America past, no matter the noise distractions and scorn heaped upon our history by the slaves of empire. If you think the creature in chief was quick to apologize to 9th century throwbacks half way across the globe, what do you think the martinets will think and say when 100,000; nay a million men stand to and say "ENOUGH!".

There is a movement started by Arctic Patriot to buy a gun on election day to send a message. Let's all ramp that message up by buying field equipment and ammo for that gun purchase from now until November. The powers that be are watching all commerce. They will see that it is not just a few people, not just sunshine patriots with a box of ammo who will go quietly home when the rain starts to fall. A firearm needs support gear and lots of food to be effective. So do you. With effectiveness comes respect. The DHSS goon squad does not respect you, me, or anyone else. They will respect the big battalions ready to play hardball.

I am sure when this speech was given By Ronald Reagan in 1964, he had no idea how relevant it would be in 2012. Replace the cold war with class war and you will understand. Let's make THEM understand.

While speech sends a clear message, action always speak louder than words. Make those who would be our masters understand

Credible deterrence. Cultivate it or suffer.

Resist. By any means necessary.

Start at Operation Sleeping Giant

Then download How to start and train a militia unit PM 8-94 to understand how to get up and get on your feet.

Let's roll.

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

25 February 2012

Basic team tactics

Here's some basics. Learn them, live them, love them...

Here is some ear candy.

Spend it if you got it I guess.

Please take note of one man's observation on a current event. Credible deterrence people. Cultivate it.

Download the Ranger Handbook

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

16 February 2012

Firepower without faith is empty violence

from American Mercenary

Hat tip to Western Rifle Shooters

True Believers, the effects of morality on unconventional warfare.


"The great military philosophers all agree that there is a moral component to conflict. De Jomini, Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, Lao Tzu, even Mao all agree that you must be morally right to win the fight. They go on to explain that you must also be tactically and strategically right as well. But if you lack a true moral component to why you are fighting then you run into legitimacy issues, and the bad guys start racking up points for their side.

Anyone who can sell the idea of Liberty to a non-believer and create a True Believer will do more for the cause of freedom than any marksmanship instructor or small group leader. In our world where "relativism" makes Tyranny no better or worse than Liberty it is an extreme position to say that there IS a right and wrong, and that there IS a good and an evil, and that it is GOOD to fight against EVIL. It isn't a thousand or a million trained riflemen that make Tyrants fear the night. It is the thought that there are True Believers who oppose, who will not "be reasonable" who will not "talk it out" who will not "compromise" who will not waiver in their faith and course. Faith gives rise to action, it must, or it is not faith.

For decades now the forces of the endarkenment have had free reign to indoctrinate our youth into a twisted belief system and create their own True Believers who will act as their useful idiots. You see them in the Occupy movement, you see them on College Campuses, you see them in the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. You see them blind to the forces of reason and logic, clinging solely to feelings and a vision for a utopian society where everyone is equally enslaved under the jackboots of oppression. They truly believe that they have a right to other peoples productivity and property, they truly believe that the world owes them something, they truly believe that they have a right to take it. Meanwhile in Greece, Athens is burning. When reality confronts their beliefs they reject reality and try to destroy it."

(Read More)

While this blog tries to concentrate on ways to prepare yourself for what is coming in a skill sense, This article by someone who knows shows that there MUST be a mental component to your understanding of what you are dealing with and why you have to deal with it at all.

Read Just war Theory

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

10 February 2012

There are no lone wolves

...Except dead ones.

Do you understand? If you do, you stand a chance.

Download USMC Tactical Decision Making

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

04 February 2012

Combat Coffee

from The Minuteman

Because you have to have your priorities straight. Especially if your a super secret squirrel type.


Coffe-fu for you

Unoffical MRE cookbook

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)

10 January 2012

A mindset to cultivate

...Some serious tips and tactics to consider for use in daily life.

South African Bodyguard manual download

Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)