"The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it"...Ethan Allen

"We in this room are all men who believe that actions speak louder then words. If I can impart anything from my life as a soldier it is this: There are only two types of warrior in this world. Those that serve tyrants and those that serve free men. I have chosen to serve free men, and if we as warriors serve free men, we must love freedom more than we love our own lives. It is a simple philosophy but one that has served me well in life."

--SFC Stefan Mazak, KIA 18 April 1968, Long Khanh Province, RSV

16 February 2012

Firepower without faith is empty violence

from American Mercenary

Hat tip to Western Rifle Shooters

True Believers, the effects of morality on unconventional warfare.


"The great military philosophers all agree that there is a moral component to conflict. De Jomini, Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, Lao Tzu, even Mao all agree that you must be morally right to win the fight. They go on to explain that you must also be tactically and strategically right as well. But if you lack a true moral component to why you are fighting then you run into legitimacy issues, and the bad guys start racking up points for their side.

Anyone who can sell the idea of Liberty to a non-believer and create a True Believer will do more for the cause of freedom than any marksmanship instructor or small group leader. In our world where "relativism" makes Tyranny no better or worse than Liberty it is an extreme position to say that there IS a right and wrong, and that there IS a good and an evil, and that it is GOOD to fight against EVIL. It isn't a thousand or a million trained riflemen that make Tyrants fear the night. It is the thought that there are True Believers who oppose, who will not "be reasonable" who will not "talk it out" who will not "compromise" who will not waiver in their faith and course. Faith gives rise to action, it must, or it is not faith.

For decades now the forces of the endarkenment have had free reign to indoctrinate our youth into a twisted belief system and create their own True Believers who will act as their useful idiots. You see them in the Occupy movement, you see them on College Campuses, you see them in the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. You see them blind to the forces of reason and logic, clinging solely to feelings and a vision for a utopian society where everyone is equally enslaved under the jackboots of oppression. They truly believe that they have a right to other peoples productivity and property, they truly believe that the world owes them something, they truly believe that they have a right to take it. Meanwhile in Greece, Athens is burning. When reality confronts their beliefs they reject reality and try to destroy it."

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While this blog tries to concentrate on ways to prepare yourself for what is coming in a skill sense, This article by someone who knows shows that there MUST be a mental component to your understanding of what you are dealing with and why you have to deal with it at all.

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